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What We Do

 Smart factories are being introduced internationally to improve the productivity of traditional manufacturing industries. In order for manufacturers to be competitive, the importance of managing data collection and analysis in real time is also increasing. We provide a highly reliable communication environment through Channel Hopping technology to avoid the impact of channel interference occurring in wireless communication and mesh network technology that can connect and manage more than 50000 nodes. We also design and build IoT sensors and communication devices. And we create servers and dashboards that can analyze the collected data and monitor it in real time.


We have technology specific to industrial sites. By enabling wireless communication in an environment where it is difficult to establish wired communication facilities, we can monitor the status of the facilities in the field. In addition, radar, Doppler sensors and AI can be used to protect workers from dangerous situations. In addition, You can protect your precious family with solutions such as fire monitoring and bio-signal analysis.


We will be a company that prevents frequent industrial disasters and accidents that can occur at home and abroad in advance and helps the managers of each site manage them. To do so, we will upgrade reliable communication technologies, create hardware that can be used for longer periods of time, and create user-friendly management tools. Allnewsystems is always with you.

Allnewsystems Inc.